The Media Development Lounge arrived on the film funding scene in September 2014. Charlie Jules Wood is behind the company and it was his dream to create a one-stop-shop for film producers, directors and studios to find funding for their cinematic dreams. The Media Development Lounge has created a transparent and simple avenue for private investors to become involved in the film and documentary investment arena. We have made the entire process exceptionally easy to understand by producing an easy to follow 5 step guide and various other brochures and reports that should furnish even a complete newcomer to film and documentaries with a clear introduction to this market.

The media development lounge,

The Media Development Lounge started in grand style by securing the rights to raise the funds for several Feature Documentaries that were to be made by the legendary Film and Documentary Producer and Director Jon Brewer. (Jon Brewer has guided the careers of several stars, including David Bowie, Mick Taylor, Gerry Rafferty, and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. Among his accolades from the music industry are multiple Ivor Novello awards – See the Jon Brewer section on our site for more information

The Media Development Lounge has already raised in excess of $1M for Jon Brewer’s studios and is currently working on funding for his 18th documentary.

Charlie Jules Wood – Managing Director of Media Development Lounge

Charlie Jules Wood has been involved in a range of varied marketing and sales positions for the past twenty five years. He is not shy about telling everyone that his happiest moments have been in the past three years as they have been exclusively within the film and documentary arena, which makes coming to work an absolute pleasure.

The media development lounge

Jeff Clarke – Head Documentary Consultant of The Media Development Lounge

Jeff has over fifteen years’ experience. Most of this lays within the property market in London. However, he also has 5 years of hands-on experience of working in the Alternative Investment Market. Jeff & Charlie have worked with each other for several years in film. Jeff is also very familiar with The Media Development Lounge and the Director and Producer Jon Brewer. In 2014 Jeff attended the exclusive Premiere for Jon Brewer’s Feature Documentary entitled Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark. This was held at the Mayfair Hotel in London. (Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark has gone on to win a Screen Nation Award – Feb 2015)

 The media development lounge

Natalie Van Den Berg – PA to Managing Director of The Media Development Lounge

Natalie has been working for us at The Media Development Lounge since the beginning of 2015. She quickly brought the team into line and has rejuvenated our social media strategy to give the Media Development Lounge a presence on Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites. Natalie has been managing offices for over 10 years and somehow combines her full time role with being a dynamic mother to her 2 young daughters. To Know more about The Media Development Lounge please visit here.