The Media Development Lounge offers investors a clear and simple way to invest into the Feature Documentary Market. Everything is laid out in easy to follow steps so that anyone entertaining the idea of investing into a Feature Documentary can easily decide if this is the viable investment market for them. At the top of every page on our website is the heading ‘5 Step Guide’. This guide will give you a complete overview of everything we do and how to get involved.

The Media Development Lounge arrived in the film and documentary scene in September 2014. Charlie Jules Wood (Managing Director) realised that there was a space in the film finance market for a company to raise the budgets for established film Producers and Directors. Together with the award winning documentary Producer and Director Jon Brewer, The Media Development Lounge was born. (Jon Brewer has guided the careers of several stars, including David Bowie, Mick Taylor, Gerry Rafferty, and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. Among his accolades from the music industry are multiple Ivor Novello awards – See the Jon Brewer section on our site for more information.)


When most people think of documentaries, the traditional 60 minute TV documentary may spring to mind. These are usually full of talking head interviews and the occasional location shoot. Documentaries rarely have an exciting image, or one of a fun, thrilling ride that induces feelings of happiness, sadness and elation.

A Feature Documentary runs for 90+ minutes and should encapsulate your feelings and install a myriad of emotions, and be entertaining in the process. Feature Documentaries have the potential to be screened theatrically (cinemas) and exploited through other platforms such as digital downloads, (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etcetera) and are not isolated to just TV Broadcasters.  To know more about The Media Development Lounge please visits here: –