The Media Development Lounge specializes in empowering qualified investors with suitable opportunities to partner with the likes of legendary director Jon Brewer. The agency offers investors a boutique experience supporting studios in raising funds to complete their film and documentary projects. The Media Development Lounge is committed to connecting clients with only top-tier productions. Acting as an Introduction Agent, the firm brings two well-suited parties together and facilitates a smooth transition into the role of an investor. Although the team never handles the invested funds, they do guide clients to the process of establishing contracts with the film studio as an expert resource. Managing Director Charlie Jules Wood examines every potential partnership and ensures the best possible quality of service. Charlie takes pride in remaining available long after the project has wrapped to support clientele with the rest of the Media Development Lounge team as a personal film investment concierge service.

The Media Development Lounge represents industry mainstay Jon Brewer, who enjoys a 100% success rate in terms of investment returns. A longtime cultural icon who has rubbed elbows with elite talent like Jimi Hendrix, Jon has guided the careers of several stars, including David Bowie, Mick Taylor, Gerry Rafferty, and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. Among his accolades from the music industry are multiple Ivor Novello awards.

At the turn of the millennium, Jon entered the world of documentaries with a piece exploring the life of Michael Hutchence from INXS. His style is renowned for revolutionizing the medium and moving beyond the traditional “talking-head” framework of documentaries. Instead, Jon infused raw emotion and genuine passion into his story-telling. Since his debut, Jon’s reputation as a visionary documentarian has exploded. A 2013 feature covering BB King, “The Life of Riley” cemented his prominence with appearances by Barack Obama, Bruce Willis, Bono, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Morgan Freeman, and more. The following project, an emotionally devastating piece detailing the experiences of Nat King Cole, earned him a Screen Nation award in February 2015.

A chance to partner with someone at Jon Brewer’s caliber can be exceedingly difficult to come by. The Media Development Lounge usually anticipates a return on investment between 18 to 36 months. These returns often vary between 20% to 40%, if not more! Charlie Jules Wood champions the work the Media Development Lounge does precisely because it bridges that gap of accessibility for individuals passionate about entering the entertainment industry in a refreshingly safe fiscal environment.